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In accordance with article 23 of Ukraine’s Law “On local self-government in Ukraine”, Pryluky’s city symbols, the coat of arms and flag, were confirmed by a decision of the 19th session of the 23rd convocation of the local parliament.


Coat of Arms – It’s a shield with four corners on blue background. There is a head of a bull, colored in gold. A sword is piercing the bull’s head and the tip of the sword is coming out of the bull’s right ear.

Flag – The flag is embroidered on green silk linen. On the center of the flag, there is a drawing of Saint Georgiy on a white horse. His left hand is carrying a spear and the spear is striking a snake. His right hand is carrying the blue shield that resembles the coat of arms. There are angels in the corner of the linen. The drawings in the center of the flag are surrounded by a golden frame.


At the center is a depiction of Saint George on a white horse. In his left hand he is holding a spear with which he is slaying the dragon. In his right hand is a blue shield that resembles Pryluky’s coat of arms. Winged cherubims are depicted in each corner of the design.

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